Corporate and Social Responsibility

AUX International Holdings Limited ("AUX / the Company") is dedicated in becoming a responsible corporate entity by seeking improvements and ensuring sustainability in Hong Kong, in addition to being the best entertainment and venue provider.

Specifically, AUX is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the following three main areas:

  • Environment
  • Community
  • Employee Care

The Company lives up to its CSR by engaging in various local charities and non-governmental organizations to fulfill our corporate civil duties.

With this, the Company aims at establishing comprehensive and effective guidelines and policies for CSR, which are carried out thoroughly in the corporate environment.

To respect our stakeholders, we ensure their values and beliefs are reflected in our scope of CSR. Our stakeholders include: government, employees, customers, investors, suppliers and general public.

Environmental stewardship is a key pillar of our CSR strategy. We continue to proactively manage and minimize the environmental impacts of our business. Details >
We are committed in fulfilling our civil duties to build a better Hong Kong, where volunteering is a crucial part of it. Details >
Employee Care
We recognize our people as the most valuable resources and assets in the Company. Hence, we are dedicated in providing training and development to our staff. Details >
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