Corporate and Social Responsibility


Environmental stewardship is a key pillar of our CSR strategy. We continue to proactively manage and minimize the environmental impacts of our business.
Since early 2013, we have participated in an environmental project, namely "Glass Recycling for a Greener Tomorrow", co-organized by the Lan Kwai Fong Association and 2Gather. Our empty bottles will be recycled and reused for producing construction materials under such scheme. As a result, it helps to alleviate the increasing burden of landfills. Thus, we ensure our entire Group is in harmony with the environment.

Certificate Awarded to Beijing Club by 2Gather Collecting glass bottles for recycling

Also, we encourage our front-line staff to recognize the importance of greener practices in our daily operation. Therefore, we invite the external consultancies (e.g. Green Sense) to hold more "green" topic seminars in this regard.

Certificate for joining the Green Talk hosted by Green Sense

At last, the Group is planning to replace some lighting systems with LED components in every corner of our Clubs to reduce energy consumption and green-house gas emissions.
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