Corporate and Social Responsibility


We recognize our people as the most valuable resources and assets in the Group. Hence, we are dedicated in providing training and development to our staff. The senior managers have a constant weekly briefing to the front-line staff to maintain the world-class clubbing entertainment. Guidelines are provided to keep the operation smooth. The Group also offers training by the leading expert (e.g. international Mixologist Bob Louison) to develop and sharpen their bartending skills.

Mixologist Bob Louison shows his superb skills at Magnum Club for our bartenders.

In order to continue an incorruptible working environment, the Group actively invites ICAC to organize talks for staff at all levels.

PowerPoint Cover by the ICAC for the talk

The Group also values employee welfare, where social and sports functions are regularly held to enhance the relationship among the staff. Annual dinner is held in this regard. Basketball match is also organized to encourage the team spirit outside the working environment in September 2013.

Annual Dinner in 2012, with guest Mr. Michael Lai; Mr. Yip Mow Lum, Chairman of Magnum Entertainment Group and Mr. Rocky Wong, CEO of Magnum Entertainment Group in the centre

Mr. Rocky Wong, CEO of Magnum Entertainment Group presented the award to the champion at the basketball match.
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